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About Me

Hi! If you've made it this far, you already know my name is Gabriel Schicchi, and probably that I'm a Brazilian-American writer based in San Francisco. Here's some stuff you might not know:

As a freelancer, I've provided brand development and naming, copywriting, content marketing, and editing services to businesses such as Walmart Connect, Walmart Commerce Technologies, Gusto, Eater SF, and many others.

My short stories have been published in Arcturus Magazine, Capsule Stories, Peripheral Surveys, and as a collection (available on Amazon). I write literary fiction with themes of romantic disconnect and the purposefulness of art. For several years, I was the writing assistant to Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Nilo Cruz, and still provide editing services to Mr. Cruz and other creative writers. 

In 2020, frustrated by the negative cultural landscape, I founded the arts journal Gush as a venue for celebrating exceptional art in any medium.

I'm also a singer-songwriter on the Shorewave Records roster, and my recordings are available on any streaming service.

I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Harvard Extension School.

About Me: About Me
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