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In 5 years as a freelance writer, I’ve worked with big-name clients like Vox, Walmart, and Gusto, as well as startups, nonprofits, and everything in between. I've helped with brand development and naming, SEO optimization, social media marketing, and much more. To me, these are all different expressions of the same idea: you have a vision, and I have 26 letters at my disposal to bring it to life (and an occasional emoji). I’m highly adaptable to the client's needs and style, and I can empathize both with the business owner and the audience. Oh, and I'm fast.

In one of my favorite projects, for Walmart Connect, I learned how their online ad solutions work and what makes them stand out from their more established adtech competitors. I was then able to distill their services into bite-sized headlines for, several sizzle videos, banner ad campaigns, and other projects. But the words themselves would have been worthless if there hadn’t been a clear strategy behind the message and a top-notch design team at Deutsch LA ensuring that the audience not only see the words but feel them. Collaborating with other motivated professionals has been the most fulfilling part of my job.

I’m a self-starter, a born brainstormer, and my work has been particularly praised for its adherence to the client’s vision and style. 

I thrive in new and ever-changing environments where I have to frequently improvise, research, and adapt to the needs, personalities, and communication styles of others. 

Below are selected samples of my work, but you're welcome to contact me for more. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

We're taking retail media to the next level.

No other platform can correlate online and in-store activity at scale like Walmart.

Our closed-loop system provides a holistic view of Walmart customer behavior and creates accountable, measurable results for your business.

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One of several videos I scripted for Walmart Connect's re-launch in Fall 2021.

It takes unparalleled power to make a meaningful connection....

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Grow and develop your dream team with talent management tools.

We provide thoughtful tools for performance evaluations and career development so you can build the kind of work culture that helps you motivate, nurture, and retain your talented team.

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I collaborated with Vox to create a heat map of Highland Park accounts in San Francisco, and celebrate their whisky while providing a useful and entertaining read.

May your thirst for bold and unexpected flavors be satisfied....

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One day, it just happened: you started scrolling through home listings and following dream-house accounts on Insta, but the thought of actually buying a home fills you with anxiety. Fear no more with Tomo. We’ve streamlined the home-buying process by combining great mortgage rates and talented real estate agents. Say hello to Tomo, goodbye to hassle.

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The working capital loan program is designed to benefit U.S. Exporters and their suppliers through accounts receivable financing. The Ex-Im Bank provides a guarantee to a commercial bank, which bears the full faith and credit of the United States.


LUKA is an online shopping service for men that takes the headache out of looking great. 
We offer a truly personalized service – unlike other styling companies out there. With LUKA, you get direct access to a stylist who knows you personally. No algorithms or one-size-fits-all recs. Just sit back and enjoy the good part: getting clothes you’ll love to wear.

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You’re flying solo over Europe, on a mission to neutralize Nazi targets. It’s the middle of the night, you’re 30,000 feet above the ground, and it is absolutely freezing. But it’s okay, because you’re wearing a jacket designed by the US military specifically for this situation.
Today’s bomber jacket is a hybrid of flight jackets worn by American pilots in the world wars and the even older letterman jacket.

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For this animated video, featured in the Hero Carousel of D&D's Home Page, I wrote and narrated a simple, educational script illustrating the advantages of D&D's one-of-a-kind product. This link clicks through to the video on YouTube, but this one shows it in context on D&D's site. 

Plants in Boxes

Jacob Duran is a born and bred Californian. He and his family were early adopters and practitioners in the local farming industry. But Jacob’s real claim to fame is having pioneered a plant propagation system for clones through isolation.

Plants in Boxes

HOME is a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Miami Childrens Theater/Miami Stage Company. For a quarter of a century, MCT has been providing youth with a supportive place to grow into tomorrow’s leaders. While youth theaters across the nation struggle to raise participation numbers in under-served communities, MCT has a long history of inclusiveness and has never denied a child access to an activity for financial reasons.

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