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Net New Page Brief | Health Insurance for Small Business

Last Update: March 23, 2021 | Questions? Ask Hayley Chung

Table of content:

I. Overview

II. SEO Analysis

III. Copy

V. Off-page elements

I. Overview

I.1 Page name: Health Insurance for Small Business

II.2 Page type: Product pages (acquisition focus)

II.3 Page tier: Tier 3

II.4 Url: XX

II.5 Primary audience: Jessica visiting

II. SEO Analysis

II.1 Metadata

Meta title: Health Insurance for Small Business | Product | Gusto

Meta description: Gusto’s people platform helps small businesses pay, insure, and support their hardworking teams. Our licensed advisors are ready to guide you through over 3,500 plans. Vision. Dental. Health reimbursements. 

II.2 Target keywords





health insurance for small business



health insurance for small business owners



average cost of health insurance for small business



health insurance options for small business


II.3 Top pages ranking for primary keywords

SERP type: informational 

Rank 1:

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

II.4 Components / content blocks to include


What are the advantages of offering health insurance to your team? 

It’s understandable to be concerned about the expense of offering group health insurance, but remember that there are significant advantages.

  1. It helps you attract awesome people.

  2. It helps you retain awesome people.

  3. It’s good for your wallet.

  4. It’s good for your employees’ wallets.

  5. It builds community.

    Learn more


Gusto provides benefits to thousands of businesses across the country. 

III. Copy

[Element 1] Hero section

45-55 characters for the header, 250-300 characters for the content.

  • Header: Health insurance for your growing business.

  • Description: When your team is healthy and supported, they work harder to bring value to your business. And since health coverage is one of the most important benefits to job applicants, you’ll have a competitive edge to acquire top talent, and keep it. 

  • CTA: Get started

[Element 2] 3 value propositions

For each value proposition, 35 characters max for header, 165 characters max for the content.

Value proposition 1: Access to medical, dental, and vision administration for small businesses at no extra cost. 

  • Options for nearly any budget - We have licensed benefits advisors to help you navigate more than 3,500 plan types and coverage levels so you can find the best fit for your team and budget.

  • Balance cost and coverage - Create a package that attracts great employees while mitigating cost. We use thousands of data points to help you pick the right deductible contribution to balance cost and coverage. 

  • No hidden fees - Benefits administration comes free with your Gusto plan. No broker fees. No fees for extra compliance support.

Value proposition 2:  License advisors to help you pick the right plan

  • Whether you start a new benefits plan or move an existing plan, our license advisors will be here to help you pick the right benefits package for you and your team

  • Gusto's licensed advisors, smart technology, and compliance support help you untangle the complicated world of benefits with confidence, saving you valuable time.

  • A team of licensed brokers - Access an entire team of benefits advisors who know you and your business. Never worry about your broker being out of town — with Gusto, there's always someone who can help.

Value proposition 3: Customer support

  • Your employees can reach out to us directly with questions saving you time.

  • When your team thrives, your business thrives - A well-cared for team takes care of you in return. When your team is healthy and supported they work harder to bring value to your business.

Value proposition 1:

  • Header: Find the right plan for your business.

  • Description: With Gusto, you have options. Our licensed advisors help you choose from 3,500 plan types and coverage levels, so you can find the perfect fit for your team and budget. 

Value proposition 2:

  • Header:  Make an informed decision. 

  • Description: Gusto's licensed advisors, smart technology, and compliance support can help you untangle the ins and outs of health insurance, saving you valuable time.

Value proposition 3:

  • Header: You’ve got their back, we’ve got yours.

  • Description: Gusto’s best-in-class support team is just a call, chat, or email away. And your employees can reach out to us directly, giving you one less thing to worry about.

[Element 3] Social proof

  • 98% of small businesses say employee benefits with Gusto is a way to retain top talent. Source: 2020 TechValidate survey

  • 78% of surveyed employees say their health insurance coverage impacted their decision to stay in their current job. Source: 2018 industry study,

  • “Because of Gusto I can actually provide health benefits to my employees. As a business owner that makes me very proud.” Kelly Trace, Owner, Reach

  • “By using Gusto to manage benefits, there is less paperwork and I know we are always in compliance.” Jessica Higbee, Operations Manager, April Lane Services 

[Element 4] Value proposition 1

65 characters max for header, 450 characters max for description 

  • Eyebrow: Find the right plan

  • Header: Possibilities may be endless, but your budget is not. 

  • Description: You know how important it is to take care of your team, but how do you choose the health benefits that work best for you and for them? Our software uses thousands of data points to zero in on just the right deductible contribution to balance cost and coverage. Once you’ve found the right plan, Gusto provides free benefits administration — including dental and vision — so there won’t be any additional fees for brokerage or compliance support. 

[Element 5] Value proposition 2

65 characters max for header, 450 characters max for description 

  • Eyebrow: Licensed advice

  • Header: Let Gusto be your guide. 

  • Description: Whether you’re starting a new benefits plan or moving an existing plan, our licensed advisors are here to help you pick the right benefits package for you and your team. You never have to worry about your broker being out of town — with Gusto, there's always someone who can help. Combine that with our smart software and best-in-class compliance support, and you’ll be navigating the complicated world of health insurance with confidence.

[Element 5] Value proposition 3

65 characters max for header, 450 characters max for description 

  • Eyebrow: Dedicated support

  • Header: Gusto keeps you moving forward.

  • Description: When your business is building momentum, the last thing you want is a minor issue to slow you down. Think of Gusto’s best-in-class support team as your pit crew — standing on the sidelines to give you answers and advice. You can even pull over and check out our online resources like the Help Center, Talk Shop Blog, and How-To Guides.

[Element 6] Additional value props

65 characters max for header, 450 characters max for description 

  • If you’re not ready for traditional health insurance, check out health reimbursements ( 

  • Eyebrow: Health reimbursements

  • Header: Customize your contribution.

  • Description: If you’re not quite ready to provide traditional health insurance to your team, you can instead make reimbursements to their personal insurance. A Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA) is a tax-free, federal allowance for small businesses of up to 49 employees. All you have to do is choose how much to reimburse your employees’ health costs each month, and they take it from there. Read more about QSEHRA 

65 characters max for header, 450 characters max for description 

  • Eyebrow: Getting started

  • Header: Set up your benefits with ease.

  • Description: Once you’re ready to choose a package, your employees can enroll themselves through our online platform. If they have questions, we’ll be standing by with the answers. We make the process as smooth as possible so that everyone can get back to doing what they were hired to. After you’re all set up, we provide free medical, dental, and vision administration. And if the time comes to adjust your plan, we’ll be here to help with that, too.

[Element 7] FAQ

Question 1

  • Question: What kind of benefits do employees want? 

  • Answer: According to a 2015 survey by Glassdoor, health insurance is the most sought-after employee benefit — employees value it even more than vacation and retirement plans. And the same study found that nearly 80% of workers would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. 

Question 2 

  • Question: Am I required to offer health insurance? 

  • Answer: The Affordable Care Act includes a provision called the employer mandate, which requires businesses with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees to provide health coverage to at least 95% of those employees. But there are advantages to providing health coverage whether you’re required to or not, such as keeping up with the competition and writing off your contributions. Additionally, the ACA offers tax credits to companies with 24 or fewer FTEs that provide health coverage. If you’d like to learn more, check out our in-depth guide to how it works.

Question 3

  • Question: What is the average cost of health insurance for small businesses?

  • Answer: The cost of health insurance varies depending on a number of factors, such as the tier of coverage you offer, which carrier you use, and how much you contribute to your employees’ premiums. For a general estimate, employers in 2018 paid an average of $5,711 per employee for individual coverage and $14,069 per employee for family coverage. For a clearer picture of how much health coverage might cost your business, read our handy guide.

Question 4

  • Question: What other benefits do I have access to with Gusto?  

  • Answer: Aside from our numerous health benefits, Gusto offers a wealth of financial benefits, such as low-cost workers’ compensation, commuter benefits, 401(k)s, and more. Not to mention the benefit of having it all integrated within one, user-friendly platform. Read about our whole suite of small business benefits.

Question 5

  • Question: What if I’m happy with my existing health insurance plan? 

  • Answer: If you’re interested in working with Gusto but you don’t want to change your company’s health coverage, that’s no problem. We work with your existing carrier to migrate your data over to Gusto. Your financial benefits will be integrated with our modern payroll platform, in most cases without any interruptions or changes to your plan.

IV. Internal Link Plan

Page url

Anchor text

guide (FAQ 3)

small business benefits (FAQ 4)

How does it work? (FAQ 2)

health benefits (Element 4)

Meta title: Payroll Software for Accountants | Products | Gusto

Meta description: Gusto is a full-service online payroll, HR, and benefits platform providing cloud-based solutions for accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and small businesses in all 50 states. It’s safe, easy, and dependable.

  • What’s your accounting superpower? Payroll with Gusto.  

  • Gusto’s all-in-one platform makes you the fastest, smartest accountant you can be. With our suite of automated services, integrated accounting software, and dedicated support team, it’s no wonder 4,500+ accountants trust Gusto. 

  • Become a partner

  • Manage client payroll with ease.

  • Whether you work with one business or hundreds, Gusto makes it easy to view and manage all your clients’ payroll, benefits, and HR data from one dashboard.

  • Grow with your own dedicated team. 

  • Gusto provides you with a best-in-class support team that knows your business – so help is always just a call, chat, or email away.

  • Enjoy perks for you and your clients.

  • Not only is our pricing simple and transparent – no hidden fees and upcharges – we even offer discounts to keep as revenue share or pass on to your clients. As you grow, so do the rewards.

  • Let’s see what syncs… 

  • Health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp, time tracking, PTO, Gusto Cashout….

  • Manage your remote employees from one place.

  • 95% of small business customers reported favorable results when it came to using Gusto to manage their remote workers.

  • Who knew running your clients’ payroll could be so simple? 

  • We’ve made life easier for our partners by integrating payroll and accounting. Now you can access all of your clients’ payroll, benefits, and HR from one place: the Gusto Pro dashboard. We’ve automated everything from payroll and taxes to data migration, new hire reporting, and child-support garnishments. Accountants and clients alike love Gusto’s intuitive platform and comprehensive services.

  • As a Gusto accounting partner, you’re not alone. 

  • Wouldn’t being an accountant be easier if there were two of you? How about ten? With Gusto, you have a whole team behind you. We’re standing by to answer questions and resolve problems. And if you become a Silver or Gold partner, you’ll even unlock access to a VIP support team. The VIP in that equation being you.

  • Don’t worry, the extras are all included. 

  • Our plans have only one price – after that, it’s smooth sailing. Enjoy unlimited payrolls, tax filing, pay stubs, and more. On top of that, accountants can pass on discounts to their clients (or keep the revenue share). You can even feature your accounting firm in the Gusto Partner Directory, where Gusto’s 100,000+ small business customers can find and get in touch with you. That’s the reward that keeps on giving.     

  • We play nice with your favorite accounting software and more.

  • Entering payroll manually is time-consuming, and it opens the door to simple accounting mistakes that could cost you down the line. That’s why Gusto integrates with popular accounting software packages such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks. Plus time-tracking, expense software, and more. This way, your systems will scale as your business grows. Learn more about it here.

  • Fulfill your potential as a modern accountant. 

  • Gusto connects you with a whole community of accounting professionals. You can network, ask questions, provide answers, and keep up-to-date on changes in the industry. We also offer a free certification program to become a Gusto People Advisor, so you can gain knowledge and capitalize on your skills to better serve your clients. 


  • Question 1: Why should I choose Gusto over all the other options for payroll software? 

  • Answer: There are tangible benefits to switching to Gusto, such as unlimited payrolls, and ease of use. We’ve even made it easy to compare Gusto to other popular payroll providers at a glance. Check it out.

  • Question 2: Is Gusto payroll safe?

  • Answer: We designed our payroll with security, accuracy, and compliance in mind. Gusto leverages industry-standard encryption to secure all of your data, whether you run payroll on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Plus, we proactively monitor your account to help prevent fraudulent transactions. 

  • Question 3: What sort of benefits can you provide my clients?

  • Answer: Gusto is set up to offer just about everything – 401(k) plans, health insurance, workers’ comp, cash accounts, commuter benefits, and more. We provide several package options so that you can choose the right one for your business. 

  • Question 4: I don’t have a background in HR or payroll. Will Gusto work for me?

  • Answer: Gusto is designed with both pros and first-time users in mind. We’ve automated as much as possible because we know you already have a lot on your plate. If you have any questions, best-in-class support is just a call, chat, or email away.

  • Question 5: Accounting is complicated. How do I know I can trust Gusto’s system?

  • Answer: Behind Gusto’s Accountant Dashboard is a small army of expert accountants who know the ins and outs of everything from filing taxes to onboarding new clients and scheduling payroll. Our platform is optimized to support you and streamline your workflow.

Browse our full FAQ here.

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